Ride Coins

Forgot Your Wallet? You Don’t Need It!

What The Heck is a Ride Coin??

A Ride Coin is a virtual (non-monetary) form of payment you can use to pay for your Kar’s Kar ride. When you purchase coins, they stay on your account until you need them. You can use them to pay for a ride, and the coins will be automatically deducted.

(not a valid form of payment for UBER/LYFT rides)

How Does it Work?

Click the button marked “Purchase Ride Coins”, select the package you want, purchase it - and you’re done! The coins are now available to be used as payment for Kar’s Kar rides ONLY. (not a valid form of payment for Uber/Lyft rides). You will be assigned an account number that will track your coin balance and use. Each time you use or add coins to the account, your balance will be updated and you may receive balance and usage summaries upon request.


The coins don’t expire, but are NON-REFUNDABLE. A password can be set by you, to allow others to use your coins for payment for their rides. If the balance of your coin account is insufficient to cover the full amount due for the ride, we can apply the balance of your coin account to the ride, and collect physical payment by cash/credit/debit for the difference.